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Customers today expect a seamless experience across different channels. But that experience suffers when you have disparate data systems, disconnected engagement platforms, and poor customers insights. True optimization of the commerce experience can only be achieved through top-notch data and technology solutions paired with the right e-commerce expertise. The right platform can scale with your growing business and provide seamless interactions across platforms and across business units.

Omnichannel Commerce Solutions
What we do

Industry-leading Omnichannel Commerce Solutions

Apexon digital commerce solutions allow you to start delivering engaging, personalized experiences to your customers across every channel using critical customer insights and data-driven optimization processes.

We can help you select the right digital commerce solution for your business, implement it with maximum efficiency and the least disruption to your operations, optimize it across all channels, and ensure high performance on SEO visibility and shopper conversion.

Our Offerings
End-to-end Capabilities For Digital Commerce
Platform Selection
Platform Selection

Our commerce experts will guide you through:

  • Platform selection based on your business model
  • Social media integrations that allow operation across multiple platforms, reaching larger audiences
  • Modern payment processing options and integrations that reduce costs
  • Tailoring the platform to ensure your users can quickly and easily manage products, offerings, and business logic


Whether setting up a digital store for the first time or updating an existing platform, implementation is one of the most complex aspects. Our services enable:

  • Integrated sales, fulfillment, return and inventory management
  • Experimentation and testing without expensive IT teams
  • Lower OpEx, higher margins
  • Growth of recurring revenue models
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Leverage of customer data to generate new revenues
  • Optimized omni-channel experiences tailored to the individual customer

Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce

Most online retail transactions today take place on mobile devices. Whether you’re building a responsive web app or native application, the right mobile experience will boost overall revenue by delivering a seamless shopping experience. Here’s how we help:

  • Mobile app platform selection and development
  • Design and customize mobile applications that engage customers
  • Publish, maintain, and update the app to keep pace with customer needs

SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization
SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization

Digital commerce requires the proper site structure and content strategy. Through an extensive set of testing and analytics, our CRO team optimizes for the sale. Here’s how:

  • Bridge the gap between analytics, insights, and the business logic to enable efficient operations
  • Implement insights across processes to pave the way for innovation, growth, and excellence
  • Execute SEO best practices to ensure consistent site traffic
  • Optimize the user experience to continuously improve conversion rates
  • Analyze competition to ensure you’re at the top of your category

The Outcomes We Deliver

Better Commerce Experiences that Deliver Higher Sales & Profits

Apexon Digital Commerce services deliver important business advantages:

Increased Digital Traffic & Higher Conversion Rates
Increased Digital Traffic & Higher Conversion Rates

Intelligent analytics help you adapt to changing customer behavior, deliver what customers need

Increased Operational Efficiency
Increased Operational Efficiency

Easy management of product offerings streamlines operations and enables faster response to changing market needs

Increased Customer Loyalty
Increased Customer Loyalty

Better digital experiences increase loyalty and return business