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Quality Engineering

Every business is undergoing digital transformation. We see unprecedented demand to deliver quality products at speed. Hence, traditional approaches to software testing don’t apply anymore especially with the increasing adoption of Agile and DevOps.

This Quality Engineering maturity model is designed to help you assess how your organization measures up against industry best practices.

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Stage 1/11
How would you describe your team structure for application development and delivery?
Stage 2/11
What is the frequency of your releases?
Stage 3/11
Which of the following models best describe your current testing processes?
Stage 4/11
What percentage of your testing efforts are automated?
Stage 5/11
How are you leveraging automation in your testing efforts?
Stage 6/11
How would you describe the ability to scale your QA infrastructure?
Stage 7/11
Are your testing processes integrated with CI/CD pipelines?
Stage 8/11
Which of the following best describes your test data?
Stage 9/11
Which of the following best describe your test environments
Stage 10/11
Quality in digital is all about speed. Are you able to deliver your business needs on time?
Stage 11/11
Which one of the following QA principles are you using the most?
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